“To Bring” Checklist

Time is flying and soon you will be flying too 😀

So it’s time to pack your stuff to travel and make sure you don’t forget anything!

Here follows a small list of things you need to consider bringing:


Notebook & Pencil / Pen

Mobile charger

Your country flag

Warm Clothing
Athens is a really nice and sunny place, but in February it still is the winter season, so we will have a lot of COLD! So pack with everything you can think that will keep you warm and comfy!

Think you are going on a vacation, but waaaaaaaay better 😀

Wether you stay in an hotel or in an Airbnb you will still have to bring your own hygiene like deodorants, perfume, lady stuff (for the ladies) and others.

After everything is packed, make sure that you have your boarding passes, do the online check-in if needed and be sure to take a look at our Travel Details page for some more acquaintance of the conference area.

In case you still haven’t seen it, check our recommendations for restaurants and places to see.