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Hi there family!

We’re approaching that time of the year where we can all be together again. And we are thrilled that we can celebrate a huge mark that is 100 Years of The Foursquare Church.

So exciting!!

Just like in the beginning of Christ’s church, we are going back to the Origin, back to the roots of our DNA and hold our 7th annual Foursquare Europe Youth Conference in Athens, Greece 🇬🇷.

We are inviting you to have your strength renewed by looking back and get that supernatural power of moving God’s kingdom further ahead.

Join us, register now, and fulfil your purpose, impacting and blessing everyone around you with the power of Jesus Christ.

Come and celebrate life with us!

Love you all and God bless you ❤️🙏

<strong>Foursquare Europe Youth Conference Team</strong>
Foursquare Europe Youth Conference Team

16th – 19th February 2023

Athens, Greece
Αποστολική Εκκλησία του Χριστού
( aka Foursquare Church 😀 )
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Anyone youthful 😉


IMPORTANT: The price only covers the conference fee. Hotel stay and meals are NOT included! BUT we are still helping you with hotel suggestions in the link below 🙂

What’s included?

  • Conference fee. (from Thursday at 20:00 until Sunday at 12:00)
  • Live translations. (Confirmed: Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Being a proud participant of the 100 years celebration of our church 🤩
  • Experiencing God’s love.
  • Making friends in Christ for life!

To know more about the conference schedule click here.

It will be AWESOME!
Can we count on you?