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In this page you will find all the information you need to know to be fully prepared to fly to the conference in the smoothest way possible!

Above all, let God guide your way and everything will be awesomely fine 馃檪

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Going to Krakow (flight options and details)

Krak贸w International Airport (KRK) is the main airport and is directly connected to the city center and conference location by train and tram. From the airport to the conference and hostel location will take about 45mins inclusive of transfer from the train to the tram.

An alternate airport is Katowice Airport (KTW), there are direct bus connections to Krak贸w’s main bus station, most airlines offer a bus transfer option during checkout. The bus to Krak贸w is about 90 minutes, from there it is a 15 min tram ride to the conference and hostel location.

A third option is to fly into Warsaw (Warsaw’s main Chopin Airport, WAW, or Warsaw-Modlin WMI) and take a train to Krak贸w, the fastest train options are about 3 hours to Krak贸w’s main train station, from there it is about a 15-minute tram ride to the conference and hostel location.

COVID-19 Details (read NOW and BEFORE you leave)
Polish COVID-19 entry requirements

(as of 9th February 2022 – will be updated if regulations change)

If your home nation requires a negative test result to board or re-enter you may pre-book a testing time at the airport by visiting this page.

All passengers arriving by airplane must complete a “Passenger Locator Form” – see information below.

ENTRY into Poland from a Schengen member state, anyone may enter Poland without quarantine if:

  • They are fully vaccinated with all vaccine doses required and 14 days have passed since their final dose was administered (counting from the day following the last vaccination date). The vaccination must be certified by the EU digital COVID certificate or another document, in Polish or English, confirming vaccination with a vaccine that has been authorised in the European Union.
  • They had been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (so-called convalescents), no later than 6 months before the day of crossing the Polish border. Persons must present a document confirming that they had indeed been infected, issued in Polish or English; acceptable documents include the EU digital COVID certificate.
  • They present a negative COVID-19 test result, confirmed with an EU COVID certificate or another document in Polish or English. Such a test must be performed no earlier than 48 hours before crossing the border.
  • They are children under 12 years of age who are travelling under the supervision of adults vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a negative COVID-19 test result.

The latest travel requirements can be found here (including non-EU/Schengen arrivals).

Please note that upon ARRIVAL at Krak贸w Airport you will enter a queue prior to baggage claim, this is where the above requirements will be inspected, please have your paperwork or digital version ready. This queue can take up to 45 mins depending on arrival traffic.

Before you fly

(fill out the Polish COVID-19 passenger locator form)

There is a 鈥減assenger locator form鈥 currently required to enter Poland by plane.

You can fill this in before your flight to save you time. After you submit the form save the confirmation to show at the airport or onboard (when they try to give you the paper form). You can also fill it out on the flight in paper form.

Below is a screenshot of how to fill in the 鈥渓ocation鈥 information for our meeting:

General COVID-19 social regulations in Poland

(will be updated if regulations change)

The hostel and conference room is considered a private location, and generally, masks will not be required except perhaps if a large group of people is mingling in the lobby. During our meetings and meals, masks will not be required. Masks are not required outside.

It is mandatory to cover your mouth and nose in such places as:

  • in buses, trams and trains
  • in shops, malls, banks, markets and post offices
  • in cinemas and theatres
  • at physician鈥檚 offices, in outpatient clinics and hospitals, in massage and tattoo parlours
  • in churches, at schools and universities
  • In government offices (when going there to take care of certain matters) and other civic centres.
How to get to the conference (from the airport, train station, or bus station to the hostel)

From the main Krak贸w airport take any train to the central station (Krak贸w G艂owny), then take tram number 20 towards 鈥淐ichy K膮cik鈥 and get off at 鈥淥leandry鈥. Detailed instructions are below. All trains, busses, and tram tickets can be bought with cards (in fact it is much faster and easier), and all shops take cards as well.

If you arriving by bus or train from Katowice or Warsaw airports start at step 2 below.

Venue: 呕aczek Hotel [See on map]

  • The train is about a 20 min ride from the airport to the station (Krak贸w G艂贸wny) located in the city center and is 12z艂 (鈧3).
  • The hotel is a 15min tram ride from the main Krak贸w train station which has a direct connection to the airport.

Step by step instructions and details are below:

Step 1 – Train from Krak贸w Airport to Krak贸w City Center (Krak贸w G艂owny)

How to buy train tickets:

  • There are ticket machines at the train platform, on board the train, or you can pre-purchase online here.
    • When buying at the machine or online: Your starting station is 鈥淜rak贸w Airport (Lotnisko)鈥, your arrival station is 鈥淜rak贸w G艂owny鈥 (Also called 鈥淜rak贸w Main Station鈥).
    • All tickets are valid for 3 hours based on the desired 鈥渟tart time鈥 (typically the departure time of your desired train), if your flight is delayed up to 3 hours, your ticket will still be valid.
  • You can search the train schedule (roughly every 30 mins) by following the same link as above.

The train station is located directly next to the terminal behind the parking garage.

All trains leave from the airport to the city center train: 鈥淪KA 1鈥 direction 鈥淲ieliczka Rynek-Kopalnia鈥 or 鈥淜rak贸w G艂贸wny鈥 鈥 there are no other trains, so you can鈥檛 get on the wrong one.

  1. From arrivals take the escalator (moving ramp) to the upper level.
  2. Turn left into the covered footbridge and walk to the end.
  3. At the end go through another pair of doors and down the escalator to the train platform.
Follow the red line from arrivals (ground floor) up to the footbridge (1st floor), and down to the train platforms.

Step 2 – How To Get to the Tram that takes you to the conference and hostel (from the train or bus stations)

[See location and address on Google Maps for live walking directions on your phone]

  1. From the train or bus station (see map below)
    • From the train platform (blue circle) take the stairs, elevator, or escalators DOWN.
    • From the bus station (orange circle) exit towards the plaza which is to the left of the bus station building (when looking at the building from the bus platforms) go DOWN the large set of stairs and enter the train station.
  2. Follow signs for 鈥Old Town 鈥 Stare Miasto鈥 (towards platform 1) or 鈥Galeria Krak贸wska 鈥 Shopping Center/Mall鈥. (do not go through the exit to the bus station)
  3. Go through the double-set of doors into the shopping center.
  4. When you get to the escalators going up, turn LEFT
  5. Go all the way to the other end of the mall until you get to more escalators, go UP
  6. Turn left and go around the escalators past Zara, exit the shopping center on your RIGHT
  7. Walk across the plaza and past the 鈥淰ienna House Hotel鈥
  8. Follow the path to the left past Starbucks
  9. The tram stop (Named: 鈥淭eatr S艂owackiego鈥) should be in front of you (do not go under the street) (see map below) 鈥 Buy tickets at the tram stop, be sure to validate your ticket when you get onboard the tram with the ticket validator at each door.
  10. Tram number “20” to 鈥淐ichy K膮cik鈥 is the tram you want – details in next step.
Follow the green line to the tram stop circled in red.
Step 3 – Take the tram to our hostel and conference hall

 [See location and address on Google Maps for live tram schedule and directions on your phone]

  1. Buy your tram ticket at the platform ticket machine, a single 鈥20 minute鈥 ticket is good (4z艂, 1鈧) (you can buy on the tram, but not all trams take cards), be sure to validate your ticket when you get onboard the tram with the ticket validator at each door.
  2. Take tram number 20 towards 鈥淐ichy K膮cik鈥
  3. Ride for 5 stops, and get off at 鈥淥leandry鈥
  4. Walk to hotel (160 m). The hostel is one block from the tram stop, see map below.
  5. See list of stops below:
Take tram 20 towards 鈥淐ichy K膮cik鈥
Walk from the tram stop to the hostel “Oleandry”.

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